Software Service

TraqNet offers a robust IoT backend and front end (mobile APP and web interface) tailored for tracking

devices.The front end is available for white label branding, so your customers only see your brand.

Tracking/IoT Platform

TraqNet offers a white label IT solution for companies that would like a turnkey IoT solution. Third party platforms are also an option.

The Tracking Platform is comprised of 2 parts:

  1. A backend used for processing data from a tracking/IoT device, and
  2. A front end mobile app and web interface which displays the data.

TraqNet’s Tracking Platform integrates many popular features for tracking devices such as:

  • Custom shape geo-fencing
  • Display location based on Wi-Fi and GSM triangulation
  • Display location based on GPS
  • Scheduled reporting
  • On-demand reporting
  • Bi-directional message receipt confirmation
  • Post location updates to facebook
  • Payment integration
  • Audio alerts for device
  • Sensor (de)activation and reporting

Custom features can be added free of charge for clients with over 10k SIMs.

IoT Connectivity Protocols


IoT Connectivity Protocols

Additional Service Levels

What’s included in different services?

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* Standard

As outlined in the Standard Service section.



IoT Platform + Connectivity

  • TraqNet’s backend supplies the data to front end.
  • Client designs their own front end(s) -> brand fully controls their own UI and interaction/relationship with end user
  • Front end interfaces with TraqNet server for two way communication with hardware.
  • Use of tracking platform costs 25% of the basic monthly fee plus a setup charge of $2500. Orders of 10k SIM’s or more waive setup fee.

Premium Plus

Front end + IoT Platform + Connectivity

  • Complete IoT platform solution.
  • Data pulled from TraqNet’s backend.
  • Complete front end suite provided (Android+iOS Apps and web interface)
  • UI template provided, can be branded (end user sees our customer’s brand name, not TraqNet).
  • Tailored for a brand that want to focus exclusively on sales, marketing, and brand building
  • No need for maintaining internal IT/Engineering resources.
  • Use of front end costs 40% of the basic monthly fee plus a setup charge of $2500. Orders of 10k SIM’s or more waive setup fee.