SIM Connectivity

TraqNet’s core service is providing connectivity for tracking devices and other sensor based IoT products using SIM cards (or eSIM or IMSI number).

SIM Management is handled through TraqNet’s SIM Management Portal.

SIM Connectivity

  • Global IoT connectivity service
  • TraqNet SIM Management Portal for connectivity management
  • Client uses their own own back end
  • Client uses their own front end

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Standard service level is perfect for clients who have their own devices and IT systems. Any existing IT platform and can work with TraqNet. TraqNet communicates with backends using HTTP POST request.

Connectivity Service

TraqNet’s core function is providing connectivity service between tracking devices and the internet. Additional support services include hardware design and manufacturing as well as IT services. More about additional services can be found below.

TraqNet SIM Management Portal – Connectivity Management Tool

The SIM Management Portal manages bilateral communication transfer between an IoT backend

(aka server) and an IoT device (aka smart or connected device).

TraqNet’s SIM Management Portal allows management and monitoring SIMs. Features include:

  • Payload routing between device and your backend
  • Activation and Deactivation of SIM
  • Enhanced security features
  • Payment and usage reports
  • Manage multiple backends
  • Bulk connection management
  • Order more SIM cards

Connecting Devices to the Internet

Device Connectivity with Internet

TraqNet works with a normal mobile phone SIM card (full, micro, or nano size available) or an e-sim IC chip to connect devices with mobile phone networks around the world. One of the unique features of TraqNet is that there is no roaming fee or extra charges for any international use. The globe is one home network, roaming costs do not exist. The difference between TraqNet and standard mobile connectivity is that TraqNet uses USSD short messaging that uses the voice channel, and doesn’t require a more power hungry data connection. Never needing to connect to GPRS, 3G, or 4G data greatly reduces battery consumption. Instead of charging by megabyte or gigabyte of data TraqNet charges by message.