What Is TraqNet?

TraqNet serves battery powered international tracking devices particularly well, due to low power consumption and global coverage with no roaming fees, but TraqNet also works with any sensor driven IoT device. TraqNet uses low bandwidth USSD communication to achieve 2-3 times lower power consumption compared with data communication. Coverage spans over 190+ countries on over 550 networks.

SIM Connectivity

Standard service level is perfect for clients who have their own devices and IT systems. Any existing IT platform and can work with.TraqNet. TraqNet communicates with backends using HTTP POST request.

Software Service

TraqNet offers a robust IoT backend and front end (mobile APP and web interface) tailored for tracking devices. The front end is available for white label branding, so your customers only see your brand.

Hardware Service

There are three easy options to develop new hardware or find existing hardware that’s powered by TraqNet.