Pricing For Global Connectivity (USD)

TraqNet pricing is based on messages, not amount of data. A message is defined as each time the IoT device sends or receives a message from the backend.  Each message to or from the device can contain up to 150 characters.

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* The monthly fee is based on an annual contract for up to 10,000 messages per month per SIM. * Unlimited use plans also available.  Please inquire.

Basic Term of Service

Service Contract Length

Monthly pricing based on annual contract shown in price list. Month to month service is also available.

Cost for Different Contract Length

  • Annual pre-paid communication service (price in table).
  • Monthly pre-paid communication service (20% additional).

Pausing Service

  • One year contract can pause two times for free for up to 30 days per time.
  • Additional pausing is permitted with a cost of 50% of monthly fee. Pausing is rounded up to the nearest month (for example pausing for 1 day is the same as 30 days).


TraqNet offers monthly or annual contracts on a pre-payment model. Clients can easily monitor usage and payment online through the TraqNet’s SIM Management Portal.

Account balance Requirement

TraqNet works B2B with brands and enterprises, not end users. TraqNet’s clients must have a positive balance in their account to get service. If an end user wants to pause or end their service there’s a simple API to allow that and stop billing automatically, making it easy to manage end users.

Notification for low balance

When account balance is getting low the client will get an email notification reminding them to make a payment to continue service. The client can always track remaining balance in the TraqNet’s SIM Management Portal.

SIM Validity

After service expires new service can be purchased anytime within 3 months before the SIM is suspended. After 3 months of no use a SIM is suspended. To re-activate the suspended SIM there’s a $5 charge. Any SIM suspended for more than 12 months will be permanently deactivated.