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TraqNet has teamed up with hardware and software partners to help clients find or create their perfect tracking or other IoT solution.

Hardware Partner

TraqNet can integrate into any existing Tracking or IoT hardware with only minor firmware modifications. This means that you can choose to use your own hardware solution, an existing Turnkey hardware solution or a new custom hardware solution

Turnkey Hardware Options

Below is a list of hardware which already work with TraqNet and are available to use.

Software Partner

TraqNet has a team of qualified software partners ready to create a tracking/IoT back end and front end (web and app) for you. For companies just starting out or with low volume we recommend using TraqNet’s white label software.

Turnkey Software Options

Below is a list of platforms which already work with TraqNet and are available to use.



GPS Gate

GPS Gate



Use Cases



You name it: Asset Tracking, Freight Tracking, Luggage Tracking, People Tracking etc… TraqNet’s service offering opens new markets for tracking devices. With cost and power savings compared to traditional data connectivity as well as global network redundancy to provide reliable connectivity TraqNet is the perfect solution for mobile international tracking devices.

  • Long life for battery powered devices due to low energy consumption
  • e-SIM or SIM card •  e-SIM allows for smaller product size or larger battery size, both beneficial to a portable device •  SIM card is can use in any existing tracking device
  • Global coverage so will update location in almost anywhere in the world (190+ countries)
  • No roaming costs wherever the device is used
  • Can support sending data to/from peripheral sensors like temperature, humidity, accelerometer, etc

Around the world personal and industrial systems are getting automated. For example your home’s thermostat knows when you’re getting close to home and knows the temperature you like, so instead of leaving your air conditioners on all day your air conditioners know to turn on automatically when you’re arriving home. Or a factory assembly line knows exactly what the production output is at each station and can perfectly arrange inventory or raw materials as a result.

  • For companies offering automation services around the world TraqNet provides one point of contact, one price, and one billing platform. This makes global integration seamless and scaleable.
  • Simple commands and measurements are the perfect kind of communication for TraqNet’s USSD service.
  • Strong coverage with network redundancy around the world. Where one network loses signal TraqNet will connect with another network.
Sensors/Sensor Gateway

Especially good for sensors in hard to reach places or that have limited power supply.  If used with a sensor gateway then gateway will connect to sensors through Bluetooth, Zigbee, or some other wireless protocol and the gateway connects to the internet using TraqNet.  All features below apply to both individual sensors equipped with a telecom module and to a sensor gateway.

  • Build sensor with large battery and can achieve battery life for a year or more
  • Works well with energy harvesting devices as the device gets a constant supply of energy and using TraqNet will allow that energy to last longer
  • Low bandwidth data of sensors is perfect size for USSD messages
  • Cost won’t increase for high frequency communication

Small devices are a growing segment of the electronics industry. In order to increase penetration of new wareables in more peoples’ lives the components must get smaller and battery life longer.

  • eSIM reduces the footprint compared with even the smallest size SIM card. This helps reduce the size of the overall product.
  • Single cost for global coverage allows brands to embed eSIM in their product at site of assembly and never worry about dealing with different networks in different countries nor make the customer figure out how to get their own SIM card.
  • Low energy consumption means the battery lasts longer and less frequent charging is required. Frequent charging is one of the biggest complaints with today’s high performance wareables
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Download Network Partners