Hardware Service

There are three easy options to develop new hardware or find existing hardware that’s powered by TraqNet.

Hardware Development by Hatch

TraqNet is operated in conjunction with Hatch International Limited, a company that manufactures tech hardware, including tracking devices. Hatch may be a suitable supplier of hardware for clients who would like to get custom tracking devices made. Hatch operates independently from TraqNet and TraqNet clients are not obligated to use Hatch to make hardware.

Hardware Development by TraqNet Certified Vendor

In order to give clients choices of hardware suppliers, create a competitive landscape, and provide faster turn around times TraqNet has identified qualified development and manufacturing partners to assist clients with making hardware or providing existing hardware. TraqNet partners receive training on designing hardware that’s compatible with TraqNet.

Hardware Development by Client

TraqNet clients who want to make their own hardware will get tech support documentation from TraqNet to help with designing their own product and also, if requested, an introduction to a certified design partner that can assist with design and manufacturing, which is very useful for taking a product to mass production.