Community Impact

TraqNet wants to make a positive and sustainable social impact that’s based on a combination of business principles and social service. Businesses must help people, not just make money. TraqNet aims to support bright and motivated low income engineering students and aspiring entrepreneurs by providing unique and valuable opportunities.

School Program

We’re looking to support up and coming STEM students who need a little financial support. Any low income school, group, or individuals with a novel product idea using TraqNet is eligible to receive free demo SIMs, gateway service, and IT System usage. Please apply by filling out the fields below.

Entrepreneurship Program

Aspiring electric or software engineers who would like to come to Shenzhen to make a product which uses TraqNet is eligible to work out of the TraqNet office, get on-site mentoring and support, and introductions to industry partners to help get your product off the ground. Please apply by filling out the fields below.

Social Program Application