Thumb Universal Tracker - Tiny, but Powerful!

For Camera/Bicycle/Pet/Bag/Personal/Luggage
  • One of the smallest portable GPS+LBS+WiFi Tracker
  • IPX7 Waterproof design
  • Tiny in size: 35x66x14mm
  • Maximum 30 working days with 700mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery
  • GPS antenna built-in (25*25mm)
  • Perfect tracker for kid’s bag, handbag, luggage or keychain
  • Panic button built-in, perfect security device for ladies, seniors, and kids
  • Support indoor tracking with LBS or WiFi position technique
  • Silicone belt holder to hide the tracker on the belt
  • WiFi version optional
  • Accessories option: Belt holder, Shoulder belt holder, Velcro holder