M2M SIM Card
with Global Connectivity
and Low Power Consumption

Low Power Cellular Connectivity

4x Lower Power than Traditional M2M SIM

Free Roaming

Free Roaming.  Anywhere.  Globally.

Global Coverage

#1 Global Coverage –  550+ Networks in 190+ Countries

Watch How TraqNet’s M2M SIM Card Works

TraqNet’s M2M SIM for Global Coverage and Long Battery Life

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Instant worldwide coverage for your IoT devices. Never again change APN settings or swap SIMs!

Low Power Cellular Connectivity

Low Energy Cellular Connectivity

TraqNet uses up to 400% less power than standard IoT cellular connections.

Harware Bundle

Hardware Bundle

TraqNet SIM Card customers get access to Low Cost hardware! Easy out of the box solution for worldwide use.

Existing Networks

Existing Networks

No setup required!  TraqNet SIMs use existing cell networks and any cellular M2M hardware.

Connectivity Management

Connectivity Management

Simple enterprise grade connectivity management using TraqNet’s SIM Management Portal.

Global Solution

A Global Family

One dedicated Account Concierge knows all about your project and wants you to succeed.

TraqNet Services

TraqNet’s Suite of Services

Core Service

  • Connectivity (SIM card and TraqNet’s SIM Management Portal)

Additional Services

  • IT system (backend tracking/IoT platform and front end website and app)
  • Hardware (custom or ready made)

Discover a world of service and pricing flexibility.

TraqNet connects to the internet with a normal SIM card (all sizes available) or eSim.
Pricing for normal usage and heavy (unlimited) usage.

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What Is TraqNet ?

About TraqNet

TraqNet is a manufacturer of SIM cards that provide connectivity between IoT hardware and the internet. TraqNet’s SIM cards are ideally suited for battery powered international tracking devices due to low power consumption and global coverage with no roaming fees. TraqNet is compatible with any sensor driven IoT device, not just tracking devices. TraqNet uses low bandwidth USSD communication to achieve 3-4 times lower power consumption than traditional M2M SIM cards. Coverage spans over 190+ countries on over 550 networks.

Use Cases

Tracking Devices
Sensors in Remote Locations

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TraqNet Usage

We want to take your idea places!

TraqNet’s social responsibility initiatives focus on grass root support for aspiring engineers. By providing free TraqNet service to schools in low income areas or offering on-site work space and mentoring in our Shenzhen office TraqNet seeks to open doors for underprivileged yet resilient engineers/entrepreneurs.

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